Our goal is to allow all types of designers, creators and business owners big or small an opportunity to have their products/services made available across SL. NICHE is a boutique event, that is small and intimate. It allows the shoppers to get up close and personal with what you have to offer and it is truly aesthetically beautiful, but it's also unique as it introduces an intimate shopping experience for the grid.

Niche Pop Up is a monthly shopping event. We are open every 21sh - 5th of the month

Happy New Year!

After much thought, prayer and meditation, December will be the final round of NICHE. This has been such an incredible project to work on and deliver to the grid. So much was learned about people and even more about business practices of Second Life…as well as the malpractices from a few. Friendships were made…some were broken. Yet, NICHE was the first event for many creators who were turned down from many of the mainstream events on the grid. Priced low as a way to benefit the brands. NICHE even allowed some the ability to be a sponsor at an event for the first time.

Each month we loved the messages of people making their investment back and several doubling or even tripling their small event fee. Here’s something that most don’t know, each month one of the owners would walk around to each booth and purchase items from the brands just to support. Even when that owner didn’t own the body type, when the item was for the opposite sex or even had anyone to do the couple pose with, support was still given out of their own personal L$. Tell me, how many event owners do that?

NICHE was created for the brands. To help support everyone and share amazing products and services with Second Life. As a small, intimate event without “popular” creators support, NICHE uplifted through marketing and promotion 100s of brands from all across the grid. So many amazing creators and service providers. One of the first, if not the first, event to showcase services like SL destinations, communities, resorts, decorators, universities and more.

We appreciate our media partners like Media.SL, GridAffairs, All Events SL and Macchiato Radio for giving us a chance when others were actually really unfair, rude and clearly playing favoritism. Nonetheless, we held our heads high and continued knowing that the same energy that new brands were getting from some of the top events is the same energy new events get from SL Marketing businesses.

Thank you to our blog team. Whew! Y’alls talent is unmatched! Absolutely gorgeous pictures. And the creativity with the items was phenomenal. We also acknowledge the bloggers that actually purchased items as most creators did not provide blog packs. Thank you, TRULY!

A special thank you to our management team. Without you this letter would’ve been written long ago. Thank you for stepping in and up to the plate…to the challenge of competing with the “clout” that others chase on this platform. The unkind rejections, the rude remarks, the lies of being told yes by family/friends and then being a no show, being left on seen…all that you all endured that left some of y’all feeling deflated and not wanting to return…some not returning. Who would’ve thought hosting a low-cost event for new brands and creatives would be a competition and made to feel so ugly. At the same time, we live in a world where people throw water on homeless people in below freezing temperatures living on the street and shove little kids onto train tracks. So, why in the world would we think Second Life residents would be any different? We hoped! We really did hope!

Nonetheless, the good definitely outweighs any of the negatives on this journey. The good that brands made L$. Brands got to show off their talents to Second Life. We were the first for many and for that no one can take away or erase. For 6 rounds we had amazing themes, brands were marketed, we gave away L$ and other cool gifts, and partied with hot DJs. We actually accomplished all that we could and met our goal with success. We came! We introduced! We overcame! We conquered!

We wish you all the very best in 2023 and beyond! Remember, never let anyone stop you from what you set out to do! 🤎

Special Note: If anyone is looking to purchase a ready made event please contact us. Everything included from the event set up, administrative material, social media sites, website and more. Rebranding suggested, but not necessary. Only available until the end of January 2023